Landlords’ Information

For Landlords with Properties to Let

Our Managing Director, Stephen Page, is a non-practising solicitor with over 35 years’ experience in residential management covering a broad spectrum of properties. We have been operating as property letting agents in Kent, based in the Medway Towns, for over 25 years and we offer a comprehensive service, with competitive fees, which includes :

Advice on the Rent and Housing Acts

Whenever letting residential accommodation, it is essential that the legal situation be fully covered and that, in particular, a ground for possession be incorporated into the tenancy agreement. Generally, properties under our management will be let on assured or assured short-hold tenancies and we will ensure that all legal documentation is completed before tenants go into occupation.

We will explain the legal position in detail when viewing a prospective landlord’s property.

Vetting Tenants

Prospective tenants looking for a well known property letting agent in Medway/Kent register with us on a regular basis and come to us from a variety of sources, e.g. they have seen our advertising, they were referred to us by their employer with who we have an existing contact, they have seen our office which is in a prominent location, they have seen our boards, simply through personal recommendation or they’ve seen our Web Site on the World Wide Web.

We meet all prospective tenants and will take up references before the start of a tenancy. If the references are not good, the tenancy will not proceed.

Preparation of Inventory

We will prepare a detailed inventory of the property’s contents and tenants will sign this at the start of the tenancy. A substantial deposit will be taken and held with the Deposit Protection Service. We will account to the tenants for the deposit once the tenancy has ended and we have checked through the inventory and satisfied ourselves as to the condition of the property.

Inspection of Properties

We carry out regular inspections of properties and provide owners with an inspection report. Obviously, we shall be checking to ensure that the property is being cared for, but we shall also be keeping owners informed of the general state of repair and decoration. If, following an inspection report, owners require any work to be carried out, we can obtain estimates for this.

Repairs and Maintenance

On short term lets of residential accommodation, owners remain responsible for most repairs to the property. Any problems will be reported to us by the tenants and any necessary work will be arranged by us. Normally, owners will give us discretion to carry out work up to a certain figure – beyond that figure, we will obtain instructions from them or their contact in this country before proceeding unless there is an emergency. As a well established property letting agent in Kent/Medway, we have good contacts with local trades.

Repairs can be referred to owners or their named contact if this is their preference.

Liaison with Mortgagees and Insurance Companies

If a property is subject to a mortgage, the mortgagee’s consent will be needed for the letting and, if required, we will liaise with the mortgagee to ensure that the necessary consents are forthcoming. However, we will have no dealings with a mortgagee unless specifically instructed by an owner.

Insurance companies should be notified if a property is to be let and we will help with any insurance claims should the need arise. If an owner requires insurance cover, we shall be pleased to assist.

Monthly Statements

We account to owners on a monthly basis, normally by doing a credit transfer direct to their bank account. A statement will be issued giving a breakdown of all income and expenditure.

The above summary is not intended to be exhaustive as we will, for instance, give assistance in obtaining closing accounts, provide tax information etc. As many of our owners live abroad, it is obviously essential that we provide as full a service as possible.



15.00 % (including VAT) of rents received which covers all normal management services. There will be an administration charge of £120.00 including VAT upon the commencement of a tenancy.


A detailed inventory will be taken of the property. The cost will depend upon the time taken to prepare the inventory, but will normally be in the region of £150.00 to £300.00 including VAT. This is a once only charge.

Letting Only

Sometimes owners request us to find tenants for their properties and then they deal with the management and rent collections etc. Our charge for doing this is half a month’s rent + VAT, subject to a minimum fee of £300.00 including VAT. If we are required to prepare the tenancy agreement, the cost will be £100.00 including VAT. If owners wish us to prepare the inventory, the cost will be in the region of £150.00 to £300.00 including VAT.

We would be pleased to explain our services in further detail when meeting you at your property.